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Green Line Beauty represents a new concept in retail beauty. Simply put, it is an innovative retail boutique that specializes in providing skin care and cosmetics that contain only the purest, most natural ingredients available. With a focus on product knowledge and education, our goal is to guide customers in making confident and conscious decisions when it comes to all natural skin care.

Green Line Beauty was conceived and developed by founder Stacey L. Stilts. With more than 16 years in the natural cosmetics industry, she has worked with some of the industry's most notable companies and traveled the world seeking out the ultimate in natural and organic ingredients. This experience along with her passion for social causes and environmental sustainability makes Stacey a true leader in the green beauty movement.

In her words "I fell in love with the lifestyle as child growing up on my family's farm in Missouri. It's a setting where your life's success relies on Mother Nature, and I can't imagine living any other way."

In a crazed market place that places emphasis on packaging and advertising above all, Green Line Beauty provides an effective solution to one of our communities most basic needs, it's own natural health and well being.

Always Eco-conscious, Toxin free, Cruelty Free, Paraban Free, SLS Free, Fair Trade, Organic and made from the purest-sourced natural ingredients, always safe natural and effective, Green Line products are the complete solution to all your green beauty needs.